T BundersonDr. Bunderson is an Associate Professor with IR&D at WSU based in Malawi as Regional Director for East and Southern Africa. He also holds the position of Executive Director of Total LandCare, which he founded with Zwide Jere. Trent Bunderson was raised in East Africa where his father was director of several large range-livestock development projects spanning a period of 20 years, which included establishing Buchuma and Kiboko Range Research Stations on the perimeter of Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks in Kenya.  Growing up in this environment instilled passion by Trent for Africa’s landscapes, people and wildlife. This ultimately led to a Ph.D in range-wildlife ecology which involved research on the wildlife populations, distributions, habitat selection and competition in north-east Kenya. A key focus included assessing the impacts of traditional pastoral and farming communities on these animal populations and the area’s wildlife reserves.  His research was undertaken as an integrated effort under the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and the Ministry of Agriculture with the aim of providing a foundation for agricultural development in the area with minimal impact on its wildlife populations. Trent has since accumulated 28 years of professional development experience in Africa including 5 years with the Western Sudan Agricultural Research Project funded by USAID and the World Bank, and 23 years in Malawi, primarily with USAID projects. His work has included the diverse areas of:  1) assessing traditional land-use practices on range resources and wildlife populations, 2) research and development of agroforestry and conservation practices for crop and livestock production systems; 3) community-based systems of natural resource management from an ecological/watershed perspective; and 4) development and promotion of sustainable land and water management practices with a focus on conservation agriculture, agroforestry, and farm diversification. Trent currently provides leadership and technical assistance to Total LandCare in securing and managing integrated projects in the areas of community-based NRM, agriculture, irrigation, farm diversification, and enterprise development. He has published extensively in concert with national colleagues in range, animal and human ecology, crop and livestock husbandry practices, agroforestry and community-based natural resource management. His efforts have contributed to: improvements in biodiversity, increased productivity and stability of crop and livestock production; enhanced food security, nutrition and incomes of rural communities, and strengthened support services and policies in community-based natural resource management, agriculture, and forestry.


Doctor of Philosophy in Range Ecology and Management, Utah State University, 1981
Bachelor of Science in Rangeland Economics, Utah State University, 1974



Regional Representative for East and Southern Africa, International Research & Development, WSU and Executive Director of Total LandCare (TLC), PO Box 2440, Lilongwe, Malawi.  Activities entail implementing multiple projects with funding from diverse donors. 


Director, Malawi Agroforestry Extension Project (MAFEP), a 12 year cooperative agreement between USAID and Washington State University (WSU) with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. 


Agroforestry Team Leader, Malawi Agricultural Research and Extension (MARE) Project Washington State University.  Funded by USAID and Rockefeller Foundation.


Senior Ecologist, Western Sudan Agricultural Research Project (WSARP).  Funding from USAID and World Bank.


Ph.D. research on Ecological Separation of Wild and Domestic Mammals in an East African Ecosystem.  


Research Assistant, Kenya UNDP/FAO Range Management Project and Department of Wildlife Conservation.


Malawi, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Somalia, Botswana.


Over 70 scientific reports and research papers.  A sample include the following:

Bunderson, W.T., Z.D. Jere, and R. Museka. (2008).   Final Report October 2004 to September 2008, Chia Lagoon Watershed Management Project. Submitted to USAID Malawi March 2008.

Bunderson, W.T. and Z.D. Jere. (2008). Management for Adaptation to Climate Change:  An Integrated Model for the Central Watersheds of Lake Malawi. Paper presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway.

Bunderson, W.T., Z.D. Jere, T. Wushke and P. Garside. (2006).   Crop diversification in the Chia Watershed with Improved varieties of rice and beans.  Paper submitted to USAID and the American Embassy in Malawi, November 2006.

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