ZWIDE DEXTER JEREMr. Zwide D. Jere is the Managing Director of Total LandCare,. Mr. Jere has 30 years of experience working with rural  communities in partnership with government, non-governmental and private sector organizations. This gives him a unique privilege in handling issues that cut across these sectors. His strong capability is assessing and analyzing issues/problems of watersheds and resolving conflicts arising from resource uses by the different groups will add value to the planned program. Mr. Jere’s experience has been focused on the following areas: 1) land use planning; 2) natural resources management and environmental monitoring; 3) developing, testing and promoting soil conservation and agroforestry interventions; 4) community empowerment; 5) production of user-friendly high quality extension and training materials in the form of manuals, training kits, posters, leaflets and radio messages targeting different audiences; 6) training of trainers, extension agents and farmers in agroforestry, soil conservation, treadle pump irrigation, M&E, environmental monitoring and management, PRA, annual workplan development

Mr. Jere has special skills in the use of GIS and Remote Sensing (aerial photograph analysis and satellite data interpretation) in assessing agricultural potential; environmental monitoring; mapping natural resources and infrastructure and in other applications.



Soil Survey and Land Evaluation, International Institute for Geo-information Science & Earth Observation (ITC), Holland, 1990-1991 (Pass with distinction).


Soil Survey, International Institute for Geo-information Science & Earth Observation (ITC), Holland, 1980-1981 (Pass with credit).


Agriculture, Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi, 1973-1976.



Country Director, Total LandCare Malawi, Lilongwe. Involved in registration and establishment of TLC in Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique as a non-government, non-profit organization focusing on natural resource management and agriculture. Main responsibility for coordination, management and implementation of field programs funded by diverse donors.

2000 – 2002

Project Manager, Malawi Agroforestry Extension Project, Lilongwe, Malawi. Project Management and Administration which included technical support in land-use planning, agroforestry and conservation practices.

1999 – 2000

Deputy Project Director, Malawi Agroforestry Extension Project, Lilongwe, Malawi. Responsible for providing administration, management, communications, and technical support to the Project Director.

1998 – 1999

Extension/Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Malawi Agroforestry Extension Project, Lilongwe, Malawi. Served as the chief extension/monitoring officer to coordinate and build the implementation capacity of field partners by improving extension, training and monitoring programs.

1992 – 1998

Divisional Head of the Land Resources Conservation Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Mzuzu ADD, Northern Malawi. Primarily responsible for coordination, management and implementation of a program whose mandate included natural resources surveys and evaluation, land use planning, soil and water conservation, agroforestry and soil fertility improvement, environmental monitoring and education.

1976 – 1992

Land Husbandry Officer, Department of Land Resources Conservation, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. Responsible for coordination, management and technical supervision of field based extension programs with a focus on agroforestry and soil conservation, land use planning and monitoring, natural resource database management.


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