Photo Gallery - Forestry

Airpruned winter thorn seedlings
Airpruned winter thorn seedlings1
Bamboo seedlings propagated from seed
Boundary planting of Senna Malawi
Communal nursery Tanzania
Communal nursery Tanzania1
Communal nursery Tanzania2
Double rocket barn under test Malawi
Fruit seedlings Malawi
Homestead Planting Malawi
Homestead Planting
Homestead woodlot Malawi
Improved ceramic stoves-newly made
Improved stove -cooking beans
Improved stove cooking dinner
Improved stove cooking nsima
Management of village nursery Malawi
Platform with airpruned winter thorn seedlings
Pot filling in village nursery Mozambique
Roadside planting of Senna spectabilis
Rocket barn Malawi
Rocket barn Tanzania
Traditional 3 stone stove
Traditional tobacco barn uses 12-15 tons of wood per ton of tobacco
Village forest area under management
Village nursery Mozambique
Village nursery of native trees Malawi
Village nursery with native hardwoods
Bamboo at 12-months propagated from seed
Bamboo at 15-months propagated from seed
Bamboo-mature clump
Communal woodlot- 6 year old native Acacia trees Malawi
Communal woodlot-10 yr old native Terminalia, Malawi
Communal woodlot-newly planted Malawi
Communal woodlot-newly planted
Coppice regrowth after harvesting homestead trees
Coppice regrowth of homestead trees used for roofing material
Homestead boundary-18 month old Senna
Homestead woodlot-2 years old, Malawi
Homestead woodlot-newly planted Tanzania
Homestead-newly seedlings
Nat Tree Regeneration on Farm1
Nat Tree Regeneration on Farm2
Natural regeneration-after trimming & pruning
Natural Regeneration-Kasungu, Malawi
Natural Regeneration-protected hillside
Nursery with indigenous mahogany seedlings, Malawi
Nursery-womens tree planting club
Rocket Barn cuts wood use by 50-60%
Rocket barn furnace
Rocket Barn, Malawi
Traditional 3 stone wood stove
Traditional tobacco barn and wood pile for curing
Village nursery, Malawi
Village nursery3, Malawi
Village-nursery2, Malawi
TLC Nursery in Viphya (640x480)