Photo Gallery - Sustainable Agricultural Practices

CA 3rd Maize Crop at maturity
CA at maize maturity
CA collection of crop residues from irrigation
CA Residue Mgt
CA Retention of Crop Residues
CA weed free maize at 2 weeks with crop residues
CA weed free maize at 4 weeks with crop residues
CA weed free maize crop on sandy soils
CA weed free maize crop
CA with Faidherbia trees and 7 ton maize yield
CA with Faidherbia winter thorn trees
CA with Irrigated Maize in Basins
CA with Irrigated Maize
CA with Mucuna Rotation
CA with mulch for maize after rice
CA with pigeon pea intercrop post maize harvest
CA with tephrosia intercrop post maize harvest
Improved Bananas
Improved fallow of Tephrosia candida at 15 months
Kilombero Rice
Pigeon Peas
Tephrosia fallow & Vetiver Hedges
Tephrosia intercrop at 2 months
Tephrosia intercrop post maize harvest
Water harvesting into reservior
Bean crop on residual soil moisture after rice
Bird's eye chillies
CA Improved food security
CA Maize Harvest
CA newly planted maize
CA with maize on sandy soils
Cassava at 4 months
Cassava at maturity
Drip irrigation, Malawi
Drip irrigation-low-cost flexitank
Faidherbia - young trees with maize crop
Faidherbia and Maize
Faidherbia tree with bean crop
Faidherbia tree with maize crop
Greenhouse set up 1
Greenhouse set up 2
Greenhouse with irrigated produce for sale
Greenhouse with irrigated produce
Greenhouse with tomatoes and lemon grass
Greenhouse-Green peppers under irrigation
Groundnuts and maize under Ca
Groundnuts-seed multiplication
Groundnuts-smallholder production
Improved fallow of Tephrosia candida at 6 months
Improved fallow of Tephrosia candida
Improved fallow with Crotalaria
Improved mangoes
Improved Tephrosia fallow & Vetiver Hedges
Intercropping Maize & Tephrosia2
Irrigated Green Belt
Irrigated winter rice 2
Irrigated winter rice
Kalima bean crop on residual soil moisture after rice
Kilombero Rice 2
Kilombero rice under irrigation
Paprika harvest from irrigation
Paprika under irrigation in Mvera
River diversion -newly planted maize
River diversion, paprika & maize
River diversion-abstraction point, Malawi
River diversion-canal and maize crop
River diversion-maize crop
River diversion-new irrigaton club
River Diversion-potatoes & maize
River diversion-TLC staff & Farmers
Tephrosia intercropped with maize at 2 months
Treadle pump irrigation-beans in basins, Tanzania
Treadle Pump Irrigation-Beans
Treadle pump irrigation-beans2
Treadle pump irrigation-Cabbage ready for harvest
Treadle pump irrigation-cabbage, Tanzania
Treadle Pump Irrigation-Cabbage
Treadle Pump Irrigation-Channel & Basin layout
Treadle pump irrigation-drumhead cabbage 2
Treadle pump irrigation-maize Vetiver grass & tomatoes
Treadle pump irrigation-Newly transplanted onions
Treadle Pump Irrigation-Onions
Treadle pump irrigation-Tanzania
Treadle Pump Irrigation-tomatoes (2)
Treadle Pump Irrigation-Tomatoes
Treadle Pump Irrigation-weeding onions
Treadle Pump-Kickstart Money Maker Pump with accessories
Treadle Pump-Kickstart Money Maker Pump
Treadle Pump-Kickstart Money Maker Pump2