TLC’s Board of Directors comprises individuals nominated based on their integrity, commitment, background, and technical expertise. Working closely with the Founders and Directors of TLC, the overarching role of the Board is to provide oversight to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of program delivery, as well as compliance with TLC’s regulatory, policy and legal framework related to administrative, personnel, fiscal and programmatic responsibilities under the laws of the country. The Board also provides leadership, strategic guidance, and advice to the organization in terms of its portfolio of projects and funding sources, with emphasis on TLC’s mission, goals, values, and technical strengths. The key aim is to maintain TLC’s core focus to avoid risks of being drawn into programs that could compromise its mission and values.


TLC is managed by personnel with many years of experience managing programs to improve the livelihoods of rural communities and natural resource management. Areas of expertise include forestry, ecology, horticulture, agronomy, irrigation, soil and water conservation, NRM governance, marketing, agribusiness, gender, nutrition, GIS, land-use planning, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, accounting, and human resource management. A list of professional staff in Malawi is provided below.

On a day-to-day basis, TLC is managed by the Executive and Managing Directors (ED and MD, respectively) who report to the Board of Directors on matters relating to technical content of programs, administration, finance, audits, etc., (see organizational structure below). The ED and MD are supported by the Heads of Programs, M&E and Finance and Administration. Below the heads of departments are project managers who are supported by specialists for direct project implementation in the fields of climate smart agriculture, enterprise development, market access, value chain assessments, financial inclusion, CBNRM, NR governance and M&E. At field level, programs are coordinated by Field Coordinators who are responsible for all activities related to mobilization, extension and training of households and communities. Other personnel include Accountants, Office Managers, Drivers and Office Assistants.




Dr. W. Trent Bunderson

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Zwide D. Jere

Managing Director and Co Founder

Victoria Kambalame

Director of Finance and Administration/span>

Isaac T. Nyirongo

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation




Our Footprint

Demo Plots of Nutrient dense crops
Compost Manure
Health & Sanitation


To break the cycle of food insecurity and poverty in Malawi, there is need for a shift in the way the country addresses vulnerability and risk. More investments are need that put households on a more sustainable path by strengthening their resilience to seasonal predictable shocks, and extreme shocks such as drought and floods, which are expected to increase owing to climate change. Most interventions to address these challenges are not new per se, rather what should change is the approach. Past and current TLC programs have demonstrated some of the best practices that build community resilience. TLC will draw lessons from these past interventions and the need for a multi-dimensional approach to address food and nutrition insecurity, diversified and climate-smart agricultural growth, disaster risk reduction, flood control, early warning systems, environmental management, nutrition, including water and sanitation and hygiene (WASH).


Guiding Principles

TLC’s approach involves 5 guiding principles

  • 1. All Inclusive

    “All inclusive” targeting irrespective of social status, income, gender, religion or ability
  • 2. Self-reliance and economic empowerment

    Self-reliance and economic empowerment – we espouse giving a “hand-up” not a “hand-out” to instil a strong sense of self-sufficient;
  • 3. Ownership, continuity and sustainability

    Ownership, continuity and sustainability
  • 4. A business mind-set

    A business mind-set among targeted beneficiaries and our employees
  • 5. Market-driven value chains.

    Market-driven value chains.

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